Harvest Field Ministries



Our Philosophy...GO - PRAY - GIVE - SHARE

Because much of what we are about is building relationships, we place a high importance on going to serve in Haiti.  We also recognize that God has gifted people in different ways and in addition to going, we need those who devote prayer, give financially, and share our vision with others.  We must have all these different types of support if we are to be successful.


haiti mission trip harvest field ministriesWe offer many opportunities each year to go serve on our medical teams (not everyone on the team has to be a medical professional).  CLICK HERE to find out more information about serving on one of our medical teams.

We also lead churches from the US to connect and serve in Haiti.  We work with a small number of churches who desire to 'go deep' in their relationship with the people they serve...Churches that agree we need more than just a trip to give things away if we are to develop true discipleship...Churches that want to empower the local Haitian churches and pastors.  If this sounds like your church, we'd love to talk with you more about the possibility of developing a sister church relationship with one of the great churches in Les Anglais, Haiti. 


We believe prayer is powerful.  We place a high value on prayer because we know it works.  Some ongoing prayer needs for us...

  • For our staff & board to experience growth & change in our lives that makes us look more like Jesus.
  • To clearly hear God's desire for the ministry.
  • haiti mission trips harvest field haitiThat we would be effective in our mission to care for the people of Haiti.
  • For ongoing financial provision - that God would meet our financial needs in a way that brings Him glory.
  • For our attitudes to remain positive regardless of the 'challenge of the day'.  Haiti's culture and government often make typical tasks very challenging.  
  • That God would continue to lead us to people that are interested in serving and establishing long-term relationships with community churches in Haiti.
  • For our Haitian partners who lead & work daily in extremely difficult conditions.  They need your prayers for wisdom, financial provision, endurance, safety, health, & patience. 


haiti mission trip with harvest field ministriesFinancial support is critical for us to continue our ministry for the people of Haiti; that is a given.  But it's also critical for another reason - for you!  In Phillipians chapter 4 Paul is writing to people who had recently helped him financially in his missionary endeavors and he tells them "Not that I'm looking for handouts, but I do want you to experience the blessing that issues from generosity". The message 

Scripture directs us to give in various ways - Out of our abundance...Sacrificially... Freely (not because of guilt or coercion)...Cheerfully.  In 2nd Corinthians Paul tells the church that "..God loves a cheerful giver".  The word translated into 'cheerful' actually comes from the Greek word 'Ylarioj', where we get the English word 'hilarious'.  We want to give the people of Haiti our time, talent, and treasure to the point that 'the world' looks at us and thinks we are hilarious!

haiti mission trip harvest field ministriesGod will direct people to give in very different ways.  The most important thing to us when it comes to your giving to Harvest Field is obedience.  Give as God guides you, and know that we "want you to experience the blessing that comes from generosity". 

Click here to find out how to give.



Proverbs 31:8 states "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute."  The children of Haiti can not speak up for themselves.  They have no one to tell when their bellies ache from hunger.  That is why we need you help in sharing the story of the people of Haiti.  Share with your church.  Do a fundraiser/awareness campaign at work or school.  Direct people to this website.  Just look for opportunities to "speak up for those who can not speak for themselves".