Harvest Field Ministries


Our Haitian Partners

We believe working through local churches and ministries empowers the Haitian people and is the best way to reach the people of Haiti and bring about real change.  Our primary partner to accomplish our efforts is Pastor Yvon Ezena of OCRPH.  We met Pastor Yvon in 2003 in a slum of Port-au-Prince, where he pastored a church and was principal at a school.  We were immediately impressed with his heart for the children of Haiti and reaching the lost.  samy4027@hotmail.com

In 2010, Pastor Yvon moved back to his hometown of Les Anglais, a very remote community at the far tip of the southern peninsula.  God led Harvest Field to Les Anglais with Pastor Yvon, and now the majority of our efforts are focused in this one community.  Investing much of our energy in this one community has allowed us to begin seeing real change in the people we serve.  

Pastor Yvon and his family work tirelessly to...

  • lead several churches in the region
  • personally live at and oversee the orphanage
  • administrate the school
  • provide spiritual guidance for the sewing program
  • organize and lead pastor training


In addition to our primary partner, Pastor Yvon, we are blessed to have other strong partnerships with several other churches, the local government Clinic, and local business leaders in Les Anglais.  We value these relationships and enjoy working with the Haitian leadership to demonstrate and share the Gospel message in Les Anglais.