Harvest Field Ministries


Medical Teams

We would love for you to serve on one of our medical teams.  We are always in need of servant minded MD's, PA's, NP's, RN's, LPN's, EMT's, med students, and other health care professionals.  We also need non-medically trained volunteers for our clinics too, so don't count yourself out just because your vocation isn't in healthcare.

We focus our efforts in the region of Les Anglais.  By targeting one region, we have seen fantastic results.  Each trip we use the same medical protocols and have the same medicines available so that our continuity of care is stable regardless of the volunteers and physicians on the different trips.

Harvest Field's medical teams, led by Dr.'s Greg & Abby Blackmon, partner with Community Health Initiative (CHI) to team up with volunteers from around the US - Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Vermont, Tennessee, and everywhere in between.  The teams are diverse - but have the same goal:  Improve the local healthcare by demonstrating love to Haitians in a meaningful, respectful way, that improves their quality of life.  We work alongside Haitian physicians, nurses, and translators - both giving them a job and helping train them, since Haitians don't typically have the resources and training many US healthcare professionals have been afforded. 

We have heard our volunteers use many descriptors for our 'typical' (there is really no such thing as 'typical' in Haiti) medical clinics: heartbreaking, encouraging, fun, impactful, spiritual, exciting, nerve-wracking, crazy, uplifting, emotional, and life-changing.  Most of our teams have several returning veterans - we love it when people have such a good experience they want to return and serve with us again.

Trip fee for each volunteer is $1,050, and the team member purchases their own airfare (we will provide information on which flights to be on, into and out of Port-au-Prince).  A portion of your fee covers your expenses (lodging, food, transportation, paying translators, etc.) and a portion of your fee covers the cost of medicines and medical equipment. 

If you would like more information about how you can be part of a medical team and make an impact in the lives of hundreds of families, please EMAIL US.  We look forward to partnering with you to make a difference in Jesus' name! 


We take at least 4 medical teams to serve in Haiti each year. 

The open dates for trips to Les Anglais in 2014 are:

Feb 8-15: full

April 26 - May 3:  open

July 26 - Aug 2: open

Oct 18-25: open

Feb 7-14 (2015): open

These trips are all to Les Anglais, but our partners CHI will be taking additional teams to other communities.   Feel free to contact us or CHI if you are interested in those dates/trips.

We will also be taking a couple of non-medical teams this summer and fall.  Contact us if you are interested in joining us serving through construction/repair work, pastor training, investing in teachers & students, evangelism, and caring for children.